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Cold Weather on the Horizon

We dread it, don't we? Even though this winter weather allows us to do so many things we love in the outdoors, we still don't like it when it gets really cold. And, guess what? Neither do our cars. Weather extremes definitely put more pressure on the moving pieces to perform and maintain function. So, what can you do to make it a bit easier as the temperature drops?

Get to Know your Vehicle - FCSS Session

We are gearing up for our next class with Family & Community Support Services (Town of Canmore). Their Life Skills sessions are free of charge and provide excellent knowledge sessions on a number of topics. This fall's series has four sessions: Budget Basics, Basic Car Maintenance, Rent Smart, and Budget Friendly Soups & Stews.

What's Your Summer Road Trip Playlist?

Over the May Long Weekend, I spent a bit of time in the car by myself travelling to one of my favourite places on earth - Jasper National Park. I love the drive up the Icefield Parkway (Hwy 93)! The view never gets old and it is one of those epically pretty places on this planet.

Summer Road Trip Prep

Every time you head out for that first road trip, whether it be camping or just heading out to spend a great weekend doing what you love, it is inevitable that something is forgotten. I had the experience this past weekend where the discussion was around all of the kinks that the first trip works out - no salt & pepper, forgot the coffee, no bike pump, amongst other left at home items.

Girl in the Green Car Blog

Watch for the New "Girl in the Green Car" Blog.
Reviews of great vehicle features for the outdoor adventurer and find out how much gear you can really take on the road. Functional, practical, and fun advice for the road tripper.
If there is something you want to hear about or are interested in seeing us try, send me a message and I'll do my best to research practical answers.