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Cold Weather on the Horizon

Cold Weather on the Horizon

We dread it, don't we? Even though this winter weather allows us to do so many things we love in the outdoors, we still don't like it when it gets really cold. And, guess what? Neither do our cars. Weather extremes definitely put more pressure on the moving pieces to perform and maintain function. So, what can you do to make it a bit easier as the temperature drops? Here are a few little things to make life a bit easier for driving and managing out in the winter wilderness of our Canadian roads.

1. Top up your washer fluid and check your wipers - the rubber can diminish quickly when frozen to your windshield

2. Fill up your fuel tank - don't get stuck somewhere idling to stay warm and be worried about running out of fuel.

3. Keep an eye on your headlights - make sure they are clean/clear for best visibility....and remember to drive with your lights ON for rearward visibility

4. Check your tire pressure - big fluctuations in temperature can affect your tire pressure

5. Be mindful of how your car is starting - does it sound slow to turn over? You might want to have your battery checked.

A handy little unit that serves many purposes is a portable booster pack. It can boost your car or you can help someone else without messing around with booster cables. You can charge it from your car plug in and it serves as an extra power source for your chargeable devices in a pinch. Most have a flashlight built in too.