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Road Trip Apps - what's on your phone?

I was recently asked about a few of the apps that I have on my phone for wayfinding and information when travelling. If you're anything like me I like to know where I'm going, what the road conditions are, and be able to nail down a few essential services. I found a great list through the company that provides our service software platform (ALLData) and their link to AARP. There are a few that I like personally, and there are a few that have a great premise that I have yet to try. Here are a few free ones I recommend and a link to the full list:

1. Waze - This app generates real-time traffic and road conditions using the feedback from drivers. "Wazers" (app users) provide info on accidents, slow-downs, red-light cameras, etc and it is used to determine fastest routes to your destination with alerts to all of the possible issues. It's great for commuters and vacationers alike. All of this is free.

2. GasBuddy - If you aren't using this, you should. It locates the closest gas stations and provides the current gas prices based on user input. It is used worldwide with approximately 60 million downloads to date.

3. Flush Toilet Finder - I just started using this app while traveling with some kids. It doesn't have as much information as I'd like to see, but again, it relies on the input of the users. The more users, the better this app will be. For those travelling with wee ones this is sure to be a hit.

4. iExit - This is fantastic for travelling south of the border. It gives you info on what to expect for services at each US Interstate exit. Stop looking for the symbols and small logos on the signs and quickly tap the app for the info on the next exits. You will find what you need faster and much easier without the last minute lane change. versions are also available for truck stops and for the cheapest gas by exit.

You can find the full list of apps here:

Safe and happy travels!!